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Elizabeth has many unique talents that helped her along the way in her endeavor to double the size of her family business.  She succeeded and through organic sales went from 50,000 to more than 100,000 students photographed each fall.  The family business was sold in 2018 to a larger national company and Elizabeth left their employment in March.

During times in her career when Elizabeth and her dad worked side-by-side their favorite thing to do was commencement photography.  That commencement territory represented one of the largest independent territories in the country reflecting more than 30,000 graduates photographed each Spring.


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During that time Jeff built a successful volume photo processing lab that at its peak produced more than one million 8x10's in just eight short weeks.  

Their diverse experiences in public, private, philanthropic, and corporate structures reinforced for both Jeff and Elizabeth that leadership matters and that school photography needs a shake up.

They believe Memio is the breath of fresh air that school photography is missing and this is just the first step in a long line of Memio Solutions including:

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Our Story

Jeff & Elizabeth Hockmeyer-Williams

Jeff and Elizabeth met in 2004 in Las Vegas.  Jeff ran a large school photography company with more than 100 team members, Elizabeth had just graduated from Tufts, and was working in her families school photography studio figuring out what she wanted from her life.  Turns out life already knew what she wanted and that was Jeff!

Very shortly after they met, Jeff moved to New England and joined the Hockmeyer family businesses.  Married in 2006, Jeff and Elizabeth have traveled together, worked together, and built a life that revolves around family. 

Jeff left the industry in 2015 after being recruited by a large corporation for software development but he and Elizabeth still spent many hours strategizing, building, and thinking about school photography.

Those hours established Memio and defined the #memiOMission

Every Day is Picture Day

Meet The Team

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Jeff Williams

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Development & Integration

Success Monitor

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Elizabeth Hockmeyer-Williams

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Partnership Development

Professional Photography Studio

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Chloe Howard

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Customer Experience

Professional Photographer