What do i get with memio?

Every school in the USA can utilize the Memio platform for no charge.  Simply register, send us the student information, and links will be distributed.

Once photos have been taken you are able to download the photos for either your yearbook or student management software solution formatted correctly for direct import into any system.

All of this is included FOR FREE!

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Every Day is Picture Day with Memio

What Else Can Memio Do?

Memio is many things but above all else it is a place where schools and their communities can connect using photos.

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is an all-in-one solution for schools service item needs

Certificates   Awards   ID Cards   Seating Charts

and that is just the beginning.

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Keep with Memio

is an app and web solution for photographers to communicate with their customers.  Order photos, swap backgrounds, and deliver in-line digital content.

Today's consumer expects more and wants it faster - Keep with Memio is here to solve that problem.

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Memio does not sell or share the information provided by the school to any third parties.

Memio works hard to be compliant with every states privacy laws.

If you have a specific concern please call us!

Every Memio Team member has a criminal background check run every year.


Each School is Different

Memio embraces those differences by making our service FREE and empowering each school to make the best choice for them! 


Some schools might find that they only need a photographer for a few special events and eliminate their chaotic picture day.  Others might find that this service is great for having photos before school starts but still want everyone to sit for a photo.

The beauty of Memio is that YOU are empowered through technology to make the BEST choice for YOUR school.

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with MEMIO