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Leveraging technology can empower today's schools, families, communities, and businesses to work together to support our most vulnerable students and create impactful change TODAY.




1.) Register your school with Memio

2.) Individual & Secure Links are sent to parents via Text and E-Mail prompting them to register and take their students photo TODAY!

3.) Photos are uploaded and processed by Memio to be delivered instantly to your school


  • School ID's

  • School Management Software

  • Yearbooks

  • School Projects

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Free Yearbook Photo for Every Student in the USA

The #memiOMission began as an idea, grew into an app, and is now a movement.  A movement focused on putting talented photographers back into the school photography equation - with a focus on better quality, better customer service, better photos, and a level playing field.   

Introducing Memio - a FREE solution for Schools and their School Photography Partners.


Every Day is Picture Day with Memio.

"I believe that the current school photography model is broken.  Broken for schools...Broken for Parents...Broken for Students...  and Broken for the School Photographer...I want to change things for the better.  Memio levels the playing field by giving every school access to a free solution that guarantee's a yearbook/ID Photo for every student.

Now your in-person picture day can happen at any time and at your discretion.  No more long lines.  Less interruptions to your school day.  A better solution for everyone. Picture Day can be about families who want a photo and photographers taking great pictures, that's it."

- Elizabeth, founder Memio

A simple and elegant solution to a 100 year old problem ...

ID Pictures without Picture Day



Technology Meets Tradition

School picture day is a tradition that connects generations and school photos are a language that transcends time. 


My parents school photography business started in the attic of the home I grew up in and they still live there today.  My family has photographed millions of students over our careers and countless families have our photos hanging on their walls and tucked away in memory albums around the globe.  My parents are long retired but my passion for this industry has only grown.

Then 2020 happened and everything changed.

Today's schools face unprecedented challenges that are making very simply things very difficult.  One of those things is school photos.

... What would happen? How would ID photos be taken?...

Some schools tried but in many parts of this country families won't have a cherished memento from this year and schools may struggle to get an ID or yearbook photo for every student.

Memio is here to change that.

Memio is a free service offered to every school and every student in the USA.  The school simply registers, links are distributed to families and photos start being snapped.  Photos can be used for yearbook and school management software for FREE!

Technology meets Tradition because

Every Day is Picture Day with Memio

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 Top 4 Reasons to Register 

Memio is a FREE service

available to any school in the USA.

Every school can register and participate for


Every student can have a yearbook photo for free.  Message your administrator today.


Lots of parents don't buy school photos because the quality has suffered and isn't what they remember.

Memio is here to level the playing field for local photographers and get quality back into the equation.


Once your school has registered links will be sent to each student.

Simply snap a pic, make sure it checks all the Memio boxes and submit it.

One click and done.


Every student will have a photo on file BEFORE school even starts.  Your year STARTS with ID's in your student's hands where they belong.

Memio makes it possible.

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Get everyone looking the same direction with Memio
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The Solution

A Radical Solution for a Simple Problem

What Problem? ... Putting quality and service back into school photography.

What many families don't know is that a large part of school photography is about the free stuff the school gets -

most of which you (the families) might never even know about (but you paid for indirectly by purchasing school photos!)

But here is a secret that no one wants you to know...the big photography companies can use their size to make it harder for the smaller (probably better!) studios to compete.  So schools continue to rebook with the big guys even when they don't necessarily want too ...

Administrators Complain, Parents Complain, Students Complain, & Teachers Complain ...

but schools keep rebooking with the same company accepting terrible service in the process.

Memio is here to change that.  By putting the power back in the customers hands with an app that can take an ID photo this will allow schools the freedom to select their photography partner based on quality, service and professionalism. 

Not based on just one day...but every day!

ID Pictures


Picture Day


Every Day is

Picture Day

with Memio.


is NOT

trying to




Rather it's about making sure it is sustainable relationship built for the benefit of all stake holders by leveraging technology as a solution to a wide-spread problem. 


Memio is about putting the PRO back into Professional School Photographer

An Industry Insider who wants radical change
Elizabeth Hockmeyer-Williams

What People are Saying

Testimonials from some of our outstanding partners and clients

"Memio’s Parent Friendly app has changed the way I look at school pictures! I buy one every year and am grateful I still can, even during this difficult time."

“Not going to lie, I've always hated picture day. I would much rather download an app, use a photo I know I like, and be done with it.”

"Finally a School Picture solution built for schools and parents - PLUS it solves the problem of how we get yearbook photos if we can't return to in-person instruction this fall."

Massachusetts Parent

New Hampshire Student

New England Principal


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